How to develop truly productive sales behavior.
immagine Sales Excellence

TalkActive trademarkBy using the TalkActive® method very interactively, this workshop involves all sales professionals at any level, providing the opportunity to solve problems related to clients management in a more structured way: from approach to retention.

The session first aims to identify specific issues considering the given context, person, type of business, in order to provide real and detailed answers that can be immediately turned into actions.


An organization can exist if is able to keep its profitability high level.

How can the Sales Department help to reach this result?

How can we let the sales force be able to use the all the available tools, while coping with new and not well-defined challenges?

Sales Excellence aims to organize and direct all the business skills learned in the classroom or on the field in a more efficiently and effectively way, adapting them to today's context.


It is a workshop that, in an extremely active way, involves all sales professionals, at all levels, providing them the opportunity to solve the problems related to customer management in a structured way: from approach to closing.

First and foremost the session aims to identify specific problems related to context, people, type of business.. and then to provide, in a shared and guided way, concrete and detailed answers that can be immediately transformed into action.


Facilitated workshops, extremely interactive, thanks to the innovative methodology TalkActive® that takes participants to be protagonists of the session.

The structure is divided into three main areas:

  1. Analysis
    The facilitator, who will always have a solid business background in Sales Management, systematically highlight the critical areas in the sales process through a series of structured and cogent questions, reflecting either of the subjective-emotional aspects than objective and context aspects.
  2. Benchmark
    The group shares, in a guided way, the company's and market’s best practices in order to find the best answers.
  3. Action
    Participants will prepare a timed action plan with measurable KPI considering their specific situation and their need areas.

The workshop is fully customizable, both in structure and in content (e.g. specific business types or different maturity levels of sales force) and it is built in tight cooperation with Sales Management and HR Department.

It can be preceded by assessments models for the evaluation of sales potential or performance.


  • Identification of specific areas of improvement in the sales process.
  • Identifications of really feasible solutions in the specific company, market environment and with involved people.
  • Construction of a highly operational action plan, timed and measured directly during the session.
  • Enhancement of previous training and development activities.