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An intervention approach for individual or small groups.

Coaching aims to assist individuals and groups, increasing trust and motivation, developing talents and skills, offering guidance and exchange.

Not only does it promote technical skills, but also decision-making, emotional and behavioral models.

Actions focus on the working situation of individuals and their way of learning.

Support to self-development and empowerment of individuals, allowing to unleash potential and maximize performance.

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  • Business coaching.
  • Coaching for performance.
  • Mentoring.
  • Life coaching.

Possibility and Reference Models


A methodology to develop individual potential areas:

Business Coaching, Coaching for Performance.

Points of You®

A coaching game to improve awareness and break down barriers to change areas:

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Coaching for Performance.

Mind Mapping

A strategic tool to widen individual responsibility for change and provide different and innovative solutions areas:

Business Coaching, Coaching for Performance.


Developed by Professor G.J. Puccio and his team at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University, it is fundamental to build business acumen and promote innovative skills areas:

Business Coaching, Coaching for Performance, Leadership Coaching.

Individual Coaching helps develop the following skills

  • Better awareness from listening and reflecting on your emotions.
  • Effective goal orientation, namely the ability to set clear, specific, and challenging goals and commit to reaching them with energy and perseverance.
  • Better problem-solving aptitude, which means being able to find simple solutions to complex issues through innovative thinking.

Team Coaching helps develop the following skills

  • Increased autonomy and awareness of your potential as a Team.
  • Improved motivation and responsibilities as Coaching is action-oriented.
  • Increased involvement of people through a better focus on goals.
  • Teams are better equipped for evaluating and adopting strategies to take.


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Coverage across Europe.

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Multilingual management.

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Customizable duration.

Also available remotely.