It has been a pleasure for me and my HR team to take part in a training course organized by VisionMind. Your professional competence together with the ability to understand our needs and corporate culture enabled us to gain a major awareness and managerial effectiveness. Thanks!

Silvia ParmaGlobal HR Manager - BU Protection and Connection, ABB

The first word that comes to my mind when thinking of VisionMind is enthusiasm: the enthusiasm of the participants in the workshops we have started to organize, which is proof of the trainers' approach freshness; the enthusiasm of the trainers who feel a real passion for the issues they first faced in business roles and which they now share in the classroom; the enthusiasm of my HR team, which feels stimulated in a qualitative comparison of excellence. I really like working with you!

Silvana IseniHRBP, Bonduelle Italia

VisionMind brings the preciousness of the person and the trust in us in the palm of our hands.
Innovative, never predictable, high professionalism, and excellent empathy and collaboration with the customer.
Their workshops are "journeys" that enrich one own’s inner self and allow you to have something extra in everyday life, not only in the professional sphere.
Excellent partner for "ad hoc", multifaceted and chameleon needs, extreme attention to customer satisfaction.

Rossana Perego Senior Manager - Regulatory Affairs, Boston Scientific SpA

Throughout my professional career in various multinational companies, currently at Carrefour, I had the chance to meet and cooperate with VisionMind, a company deeply committed to the enhancement of some key words that I consider as the lifeblood of present and future training in today’s complex context. These words are: innovation, beauty, happiness, courage, planning skill and teamwork. Thanks to the contribution of VisionMind these words, which are nowadays extremely important for organizations, have turned into successful training projects. I thank VisionMind for bringing these words into its curses and in the daily interpretation of its way of working.

Fabio GabbianiDirezione Risorse Umane, Carrefour Groupe

The continuous collaboration with VisionMind represents for our bank an opportunity for great growth and learning thanks to the professionalism and skills that accompany each project developed together.
Their ability to understand the dynamics and peculiarities of our organization has allowed, from the outset, to build concrete references and touch the positive results of the activities.
I also thank VisionMind for the friendliness in the approach and the spontaneity in relationships, because people - even before the tools and contents - are the real added value of every project!

Chiara Brina HR Manager, Cassa Lombarda

I personally do not believe a lot in the concept of “one shot” learning, i.e. the learning taken out of an “educational context”. Conversely, I do believe in the concept of “learning path” in the definition of a progressive and long-lasting managerial growth plan part of a company’s business development framework.
A winning manager is he who grows together with the company where he works for, he who refines, develops and provides the company with the competences needed for that working context and he who improves them according to the changing corporate needs. This is why I always set long-term collaborations with the managerial educational companies that inspire me more confidence and that actually demonstrate to deserve it.
VisionMind and its founders certainly represent one of these trusted companies. This is why, after many years of cooperation at Group Iveco, I decided to involve them in my professional challenge at FPT Industrial.
Once defined our vision, mission and values, we started to work on the people’s technical, managerial and behavioural know-how. To set up a company from scratch and develop it worldwide with people coming from heterogeneous professional backgrounds. An important challenge that required and still requires important training investments.
Therefore, I called my two most trusted companies, among which VisionMind, and I asked them to work on three main fields: effective communication for the “hard core” of our industrial managers (about 100 people involved), a programme of individual coaching for the managerial team (about ten Vice Presidents involved) and, starting from June this year, an activity of cross cultural training to improve the integration of corporate managers coming from Italy, France, Switzerland, Latin America, China and the USA.
But why did I choose VisionMind? The answer lies in four aspects that characterize VisionMind’s way of working: innovation of the training offer, flexibility with regard to the customer’s needs, readiness to understand the needs and ability to “customize” the training programs; i.e. to build the training programme together with the customer.
I think these characteristics are extremely important in the current business context where companies want to spend less and better, especially in a stagnating market as the European one. The companies equipped with these characteristics, as VisionMind, have a distinguishing capacity that enables them to stand out among the other training companies and be the winning players on the market.

Guido MoscheniVP HRBP Global Manufacturing, CNH Industrial

In VisionMind I found a very grounded structure, which was able to offer to Credit Agricole a quality training advice, managed on our real business needs, and above all modulated on expected goals and on the involved population.
I found availability, timeliness and accuracy: I thank VisionMind for support and proactivity.

Roberta SormaniHead of HR, Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

VisionMind has been working with us for some years managing stress-related workshops, a rather delicate topic to be dealt with in transversal classrooms made up of managers and professionals. Nevertheless, the professional competence, the innovative way of managing the workshop, the listening skills demonstrated by the trainers allow us to achieve results that exceed expectations, both as an indication of satisfaction and as a response quality. Nowadays the course is recommended by the participants themselves to their colleagues, and this makes us understand that we hit the mark in meeting the training needs.

Paola AlbertelliLearning & Development - Human Resources & Organization Department, Europ Assistance Italia

VisionMind has accompanied EY in many of our most ambitious training projects. The market today requires continuous change to keep up with all the new trends, and this poses a great adaptation challenge for companies. VisionMind has been a fundamental partner for us in many phases of change. They not only have helped us to transmit new skills (especially leadership) to our corporate population, but they are helping to build a new mindset, more ready to read the complexity that our managers face daily in business and in the management of their teams.

Silvia Antonella LapollaLearning & Development - Supervising Associate | Cross SL Learning Coordinator, EY

I’ve been working with VisionMind for several years, and I am always astonished of their ability to timely and accurate design projects that get and resolve training needs in the best way, fully achieving training objectives.
Continuous innovation, energy, passion, pragmatism and effectiveness are the words that identify the way of being and work of one of the most beautiful training reality Italy.

Enrico Bovina Direttore Corporate University, Ferrero

The cooperation with VisionMind team confirmed over the years the professionalism of a company that became partner for some of our training projects, particularly those concerning Communication Skills and Team Management.
The services accuracy and the methodological support provided by VisionMind are traits that we acknowledge and that, as Bank and as Managerial Training Office, we constantly look for in training activities.

Nicoletta Bernasconi Responsabile Ufficio Formazione Manageriale, Intesa Sanpaolo Group Services

In my opinion VisionMind knows how to give "lightness" to the projects, according to the principle enunciated by Italo Calvino in his splendid American Lessons. Lightness is the quality that only the great epic writers know how to give to events, even the most "serious" ones: it comes only after a long exercise of complexity comprehension and goes with great precision. Therefore I like to summarize the collaboration with the VisionMind team: stimulating, effective and efficient at a time when the speed of execution can not be separated from great control and quality. With an underlying harmony that makes collaboration very fluid.

Sara ScapinelloTraining and Development & Internal Communications Manager, Luigi Lavazza SpA

Vision Mind is a partner who listens to the customer, stimulates him to think and go beyond short-term needs.
They build training solutions together with the customer, and quality accompanies the speed of realization.
Professionals from different experiences and different markets represent a distinctive value making training a lever of Business and Cultural Transformation for the client.

Mariagrazia BizzarriHead of People Development, Nexi

Since its establishment VisionMind was a partner of NTT Data Italy training offer. The reasons for this long association are different: the international and innovative approach, combined with a sound methodology, their training proposals; the trainers ability to encourage in our people real behavior change; the ability to contextualize the training to our specific needs. Last but not least, we appreciate periodic comparison with VisionMind managers on the experiences and approaches of organizations development.

Antonio VitaleHuman Resources Vice President NTT Data Italia

We developed with VisionMind a training project within our Consulting division. The project has fully responded to the development needs required by both the Management and the participants.
The key success factors were the construction of a really tailored path, facilitators high professionalism and expertises, and the great openness to the comparison in the intermediate stages of the project: these factors have enabled us to achieve all the goals we set.
The expertise and enthusiasm transmitted by their team makes VisionMind a partner of great value.

MariaCristina CiarloniCountry HR Manager Italy, Oracle

Working with VisionMind is highly motivating for us because they are "living dispenser" of energy, enthusiasm, openness, innovation and motivation. The understanding of our needs and the proposal of innovative solutions in line with our culture and corporate values was for us a great tuning element and the starting point for the construction of a solid professional relationship.

Marcello BugariAcademy e Comunicazione Interna - Direzione Risorse, Reale Mutua

VisionMind is a partner that knows how to combine contents, ideas, experience, timing, passion and real attention to the client specificity and objectives.
VisionMind also has a sensitivity and a relational pleasantness that further enhance its support, making collaboration easy and highly productive.
After several years and projects lived together I appreciate its value more and more.

Alessandra RizziTalent and Organizational Development Manager Italy and Malta - Human Resources, Sanofi

The training project developed by VisionMind on the theme of trust led us managers of Vaillant Group Italia to deepen personal and interpersonal dynamics, both in terms of relationships and business development, through a path that allowed us to understand how this fundamental issue impacts to an absolutely concrete extent on company performance.
VisionMind has satisfied the natural managerial propensity for "concreteness" without renouncing the "philosophical" deepening, guiding the common work through key concepts and ideas of sure stimulus and interest.
The training power of VisionMind represented for us a magnifying glass capable of sinking our gaze with extreme naturalness in detail to make us see an extreme "sense of ease" at the deepest point of reality.

Maurizio RizziHR Director, Vaillant Group Italia

We wanted to give our colleagues new training, with a fresh and dynamic spirit. We turned to VisionMind for its ability to offer a different and flexible way of interpreting training. We found a partner who knew how to grasp our needs and transfer them to a project on soft skills, which has been really original, impactful and able to stimulate the participants.

Nadia SevergniniHR Manager, Willis Towers Watson

We had a mind to implent a different mentoring than the traditional one, and VisonMind - thanks to its quick thinking and innovative ability - offered us TalkActive®: we were able to give voice to a large number of colleagues, who are using this methodology to confront them on their own challenges, continually exchanging the role of mentor and mentee. This is the starting point of a cross-generational development method that leverages individual skills and collaboration between peers.

Marco Zuccarini Responsabile Zurich Academy & HR Development, Zurich Academy