Motivated, involved, and close people are capable of achieving excellent results both individually and in teams.
immagine Explorer

TalkActive trademarkA useful teamwork tool to discuss and analyze each and everyone's values in a collaborative way to find common ground to activate the ability to work together.

By actively involving people who work together, we get rid of potential alibi to find shared and appropriate solutions.


At any time, in every market stage and contest, the relationship between an individual and the organization he works for is extremely important.

A relationship that can go through ups and downs, changes of expectations, new and different balances to look for in terms of objectives and common sense. Basically, it is a delicate, complex and important relationship to constantly nourish with commitment and awareness.


Explorer is a workshop aimed at developing awareness, motivation and sharing through the enhancement of emotions.

The aim is to help individuals overcoming the stereotypes and paradigms that often affect their behaviours and performance.


A modular workshop that, through the use of suggestive graphic boards, visual materials and a teamwork able to promote in an efficient and non-invasive way the awareness, empathy and dynamism of individuals and teams, will allow participants to “bring home” a deep mark of the work carried out together.


  • Ability to look at one’s working environment without paradigms.
  • Knowledge of oneself and of the others.
  • Improvement of the communication within the group.
  • Improvement of the level of mutual knowledge and of the capacity to develop a common set of values.