FourSight is an innovation company, dedicated to the science of good thinking. We develop research-based creativity and innovation tools, assessments and training designs proven to help individuals, teams and organizations solve complex problems more effectively. Our products draw from more than 65 years of research into critical and creative thinking.


A unique and cost-efficient method, using online crowdsourcing dialogues to discern the wisdom of a crowd and help decision makers to get the important insights they need for future success.


The best competences to manage and examine issues such as Emotional Intelligence and Business Environment Analysis.


A sound partner for the completeness of resources in terms of test and organizational analysis tools. Simplicity and professionalism distinguish it.

Dialogo nel Buio

There is a place in Milan where one can learn to look beyond what he/she sees: this place is called “Dialogue in the Dark”. It is a place where teenagers, families and enterprises can live an unforgettable experience that will change them forever.

Studio Stefani Faresi

Purchases, Logistics, Quality and Production within small, medium and large enterprises are the key factors to provide a qualitative and absolutely customized answer to the Corporate Execution issues.

Franco Angeli

"...He who fails to ask questions on subjects he doesn’t know, dies slowly..." Pablo Neruda

Training means growth, culture and to get informed. Franco Angeli has been for many years and continues to be an unquestioned partner in the support of pre and post classroom activities for all VisionMind courses.

d60 graphic & web solution

We deal with communication design.

We create 'image' and useful tools to help those who want to stand out and be well remembered.