Personal growth

ico Personal growth

for individual growth and improvement

Personal growth means to enable every individual to develop, improve and give a significant and satisfactory contribution to his/her development and to the one of his/her company.

TalkActive trademarkIs an experiential training path focused on understanding and applying Self-Leadership and personal change by understanding the importance of a network.

Other vital aspects of the workshop are the ability to experiment and innovate on yourself, the definition of a strategy of interpersonal influence, the ability to self start without external stimuli and restrictions, and the overcoming of your scope to implement autonomous, alternative strategies.

Mapp trademarkA workshop that aims at a comprehensive improvement of the ability to react and turn stress into positive and purposeful strength that would support the organization in the challenges they have to face nowadays. Starting from the analysis of the main causes of stress, and thanks to expert technical advice and targeted tools, this workshop allows to find ad-hoc solutions for optimal work-life balance.

Mapp trademarkDedicate to those who think they cannot have an impact on time management, Time Surfer is a state-of-the-art workshop that can genuinely change our perspective on “responsible” time management.

We address the subject with a striking parallel with leadership, integrating insights on digital complexity and simplicity management.

Mapp trademarkIt analyzes the main drivers of leadership - as in people management - that can really influence the performance of collaborators.

Discussing the most evolved approaches to people’s development and motivation leads to the definition of action plans that guarantee the grounding of general principles and operating tools.

Mapp trademarkIt is dedicated to those who deal with different kinds of negotiation (job interviews, meetings, events) who need a practical, easy-to-use method.

The original approach is not just based on verbal techniques, but also on the comprehension and management of mutual emotional factors that might hinder communication, in order to achieve the satisfaction of all parties involved.