ico Sales

to allow salespeople to reach their targets with the profitability the company expects

Sales means promoting in a different way growth and professional strengthening of commercials.
More aware, motivated and prepared individuals make their own organizations capable of producing higher level results.

TalkActive trademarkBy using the TalkActive® method very interactively, this workshop involves all sales professionals at any level, providing the opportunity to solve problems related to clients management in a more structured way: from approach to retention.

The session first aims to identify specific issues considering the given context, person, type of business, in order to provide real and detailed answers that can be immediately turned into actions.

TalkActive trademarkSales Manager Effectiveness aims to help Sales Managers to overcome resistance, focus on priorities, with the execution, to structure a new operating plan across the network.

By using the TalkActive® methodology proactively, the workshop involves all people and resource managers (Sales Managers, Sales Directors, District Managers, etc.) providing them with the opportunity to share and solve issues related to area management.

Mapp trademarkWith a metaphor about a team journey along the 5 stages of sales seeking the best approaches and the best possible solutions, participants are asked to carry out activities whose results become an integral part of the mind map. The course is highly flexible and customizable based on the participants' competencies and experience and the different markets.

Therefore, the results are the outcome of the analysis done in class coming straight from participants: this ensures implementation and success.

Mapp trademarkUnlike ready-made options, the solutions stem directly from participants: this ensures implementation in the field. Extremely practical, it is designed for salespeople who wish to explore the topic of negotiation.

Through continuous exchange, negotiation phases are analyzed to identify the best approaches and solutions for a specific market or situation, to get to a particular action plan.

Today, the challenges of the retail world are more and more articulated and complex: a network formed on technical and transversal skills, motivation and involvement are three elements that can no longer be ignored.

A modular intervention on all the stages of the change project: our goal is to promote growth and professional consolidation of your sales values differently, with approaches beyond typical in-class training, and put the individual where the real action is.