Let’s Shape Together!
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Work flexibly on personal and organizational development.


progetto 2

It promotes the ability to shape ideas and projects to share, enhancing teamwork.

mappe mentali

The intersection between the effectiveness of mental mapping and the use of evocative visual aid.

It consolidates cooperative learning and problem-solving abilities.

The combination of personal points of view and inputs in an overall picture that participants shape and transform in real time.

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  • Personal and organizational development.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Active involvement of participants in finding practical solutions.


  • Creation of highly structured project paths.
  • Cutting-edge graphic thinking tools.
  • Facilitation of lateral thinking, through visual and manipulative thinking.
  • Instantly operational outputs for any theme/project challenge.


100% customizable: contents and images chosen by the company can be directing integrated into training flawlessly.

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