Team effectiveness

ico Team effectiveness

for better awareness, collaboration and responsibility

Team effectiveness means to bring every working group to a higher level of awareness, cooperation and responsibility, enabling the entire organization to make a significant leap ahead in terms of quality.

TalkActive trademarkA useful teamwork tool to discuss and analyze each and everyone's values in a collaborative way to find common ground to activate the ability to work together.

By actively involving people who work together, we get rid of potential alibi to find shared and appropriate solutions.

Mapp trademarkStarting from the four main pillars of the long-established FourSight® methodology - clarify, ideate, develop and implement - and using them at a team level to coordinate joint innovation, people learn how to deal with tricky situations with no instant solutions quickly.

TalkActive trademarkThis workshop focuses on the essential connection among trust, behaviors and results. Analyzing the relational dynamics and the tangible impact of behaviors, participants familiarize with choosing ethically and responsibly the best 'ways of presenting themselves', that might positively impact on achieving results.

ONboard trademark“Getting the things done”: this is the central concept of this workshop, by identifying critical factors that come between a team and the achievement of results. Working on mindsets and a modular toolbox allow to define objectives, roles and actions, as well as monitoring activities and results in any situation.

Leaders need to help individuals and organizations to build and lead constant innovation and change. Having a vision that goes beyond what is known is, therefore, a key competence for everyone. Being able to recognize and coordinate different ways of thinking (logical, lateral, creative, etc.) by shaping them into a methodology allows the team to tackle any challenge to find operating solutions.