Talking to Solutions.
TalkActive trademark

Structured analysis process to identify challenges and solutions in team.


TalkActive® is an exclusive, “dialogue-like” problem-solving methodology developed and patended by VisionMind, that stems from Action Learning Conversations of Columbia University: talking is not enough, it needs to lead to solutions.

Deep integration with business realities, starting from the analysis of the challenges that have emerged in session.

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Methodological support with worksheets to guide reflection in participants and problem-solving processes.

Managed by competent, highly-skilled professionals.

Innovative and participative training.

Strong process structuring:
suitable also for highly diverse teams.

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  • Active involvement of participants in identifying critical areas and their solutions.
  • Harmonization of uniform and diverse teams.
  • Suitable for a wide range of topics linked to developing effectiveness.


  • Collection and choice of challenges.
  • Objective analysis.
  • Interpretation of different points of view.
  • Reflection and expansion.
  • Reformulation and reorganization of the challenge.
  • Decision-making and decision-taking.


Duration: 0.5-2 days.

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Large teams can be split and managed into parallel sessions and plenary sharing session.

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Multilingual delivery.

Fully customizable contents by structure and content type.

Concrete results elaborated by participants and immediate action plans.

Innovative supports and ready-to-use materials (videos, pdfs, articles, case histories, worksheets, blogs).

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We had a mind to implement a different mentoring than the traditional one, and VisonMind - thanks to its quick thinking and innovative ability - offered us: we were able to give voice to a large number of colleagues, who are using this methodology to confront them on their own challenges, continually exchanging the role of mentor and mentee. This is the starting point of a cross-generational development method that leverages individual skills and collaboration between peers.

Marco Zuccarini, Responsabile Zurich Academy & HR Development, Zurich Academy

TalkActive® is a registered trademark at European level, EUTM 018271732