Peopleness® - A new working philosophy by VisionMind.
Peopleness trademark - A new working philosophy by VisionMind

People and relationships at the core.


Peopleness® is a managerial system:

  • aimed at developing a virtuous relationship between People Management and Performance Management;
  • designed to provide practical tools for development/management in day-to-day work;
  • focused on people centricity and professional relationships;
  • oriented to consolidating personal and team motivation and accountability;
  • instrumental to building relationships based on trust, respect, and collaboration;
  • able to create the conditions for a real unlocking of people’s potential.

Peopleness® is based on the most advanced breakthroughs in cognitive and social psychology.


Peopleness® stems from the will to combine two key interdependent aspects:

  • the drive to effectiveness
  • the quality of working life

by recognizing the centricity of both aspects and the possibility to put them together positively.

Thanks to a longstanding experience with multinational companies, we have come to realize that one of the main organizational challenges today is to create a real balance between what (value approaches and goals of managerial development) and how - by bringing these elements into the team’s day-to-day work and the supervisor-collaborator relationship.

why Peopleness

The answers

Peopleness® provides practical answers that combine:

  • an evolved value-based mindset, aware and oriented to people development;
  • a new generation skillset that matches the latest organizational challenges;
  • a toolset that turns People Management into a methodological template for managerial execution.

With the objective of addressing the main challenges of People Management nowadays, Peopleness® provides HR departments with a reference model for executing managerial practices that combines traditionally complementary areas of intervention:

  • on the employee, with respect to their role and context;
  • on the organizational goals and the areas for development of the individual;
  • on integrating the two dimensions as part of wider strategies of change management.


Peopleness® is a registered trademark at European level, MUE 018271600