Case histories

Case histories
Reale Mutua

A leading Italian banking & insurance group with a stable and expanding presence abroad has started to revamp its brand image. The strategic goal is to present itself on the market as reliable, lean and innovative, to involve an increasingly more comprehensive platform of potential customers. Innovate and self innovate are critical elements of internal and external choices.

A large multinational group, global capital goods leader, with presence in 180 countries, 160,000 employees, and expansion plans in developing countries, with 12 brands and incredible drive toward innovation of products and services, also through new joint ventures.
The strong growth of the group and its global expansion in recent years has called for the onboarding of high-potential qualified resources that might bring value to the company and find a professional environment to grow in an inclusive and welfare-oriented setting.


Cassa Lombarda, a leading banking organization specialized in high-level individual asset management, builds a Vision that brings together momentum towards the future and stable attachment to the traditions and the values at its foundation. The clients of tomorrow will always find the welcome and attention to detail of a boutique, as well as efficiency and cutting edge, market updated reality.

A leading, ever-growing consulting firm specialized in complex and high value-added projects has revamped its Performance Management system in the past three years, moving from a traditional, evaluation-oriented model to an evolved, development path support for all its collaborators.
The massive and articulated impact of the choice has reflected on the organizational model (career and retribution models) and operationally in terms of the roles of those directly involved.

Reale Mutua

A leading insurance Italian group has set the goal to change its positioning on the market and attract younger customers who are mindful of flexible and innovative solutions.
Thus, the new commercial proposition is set in its guidelines, along with an engaging communication campaign on sustainability and inclusion. The organization itself has undergone a radical transformation to meet evolving external needs.

A French multinational company leader in components and automotive-related services has recently redefined its retail organization in line with a new Leadership model aimed to build a new customer centricity thanks to higher empowerment and autonomy of store managers.