ico Innovation

to constantly innovate the way to work and be on the market

Innovation means to enable the organization to not settle for and to innovate its way of working and being on the market, achieving better and more long-lasting results.

Mind mapping multiplies ideas and inputs effectively. It allows teams to work more productively and look into problems thoroughly discovering different nuances.

Mind Mapping reproduces how our brain association work in an organized and structured manner. The workshop, therefore, allows every company population to seize this easy-to-use, flexible and handy tool throughout a series of practical and functional activities.

Starting from the understanding of differences among analysis, development and search for a solution, this workshop allows mastering an organized problem-solving methodology. Supported by a kit of operating tools to be used daily, CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING leads to the adoption of creative solutions and minimizes the risk of rushed and weak approaches.

Change must be understood and consistent with our way to approach reality: this workshop aims to apply creative techniques and tools to overcome any steps from conventions to real innovation. The workshop includes alternating diverging (creation and production of ideas) and converging moments (orientation to operativity) so that the whole team is actively involved.

Foursight trademarkFoursight® is a test by G.J. Puccio, Dean of the International Center for Studies in Creativity of Buffalo State University. It provides a representation of our approach when it comes to innovation and creative thinking. This half-day workshop supports participants as individuals/teams in understanding the test results, enhance one's peculiarities, and learn how to face and fit in with different profiles to improve effectiveness.
It can be delivered as a stand-alone session or in preparation for a more structured path.