Build trusted relationships


TalkActiveTrust has always been considered as an intangible and uncertain element, a detail-oriented job mainly belonging to private rather than professional relationships.

Recent history has proved how trust - present or absent – can actually exercise a considerable influence in the company’s income statement.

Therefore, a business context lacking the right trust leads to high management costs with a consequent significant impact on the achievement of profits: absenteeism, wasted time and resources, blocked projects, bureaucracy...

This is an issue that should be reconsidered to increase the business profitability.


A workshop that will help people understanding the exponential power of individual and interpersonal behaviours.

A moment of reflection and practical experimentation on how and how much we can influence the business results through our daily behaviour.


A two-day workshop consisting of individual and team observations and exercises.

The workshop can be carried out both through a traditional training session and in combination with soft outdoor exercises.

Participants will experience how those objectives that cannot be achieved alone (or objectives that can only be achieved in the long term and at high costs) can be actually obtained in a more efficient way by operating inside and together with a close group.


  • Development of an individual credibility and mutual reliability.
  • Implementation of behaviours that exponentially increase the speed of action.
  • Ability to keep costs under control.
  • Significant improvement of individual performance and business results.