marchio Shape®Shaping ideas by merging the effectiveness of mental maps with infographics visual potential: Shape® is an engaging training path that encourages natural learning and promotes goal achievement.

What is it:

Shape® is a highly flexible methodology that allows working on a wide range of training topics.

Shape® uses state-of-the-art visual tools that create skill development paths in a structured and participative way in connection with a specific project focus.

Shape® is 100% customisable: any graphic or textual element chosen by the company can be embedded in the path, in perfect consistency with the given objectives.


Shape® is based on the continuous interaction of micro-teams working on six specific subject areas:

Setting: sharing of the areas of intervention and more important thematic focus.

Desire: active involvement of participants in defining the development targets to achieve.

Potential: gain full awareness of strengths and weaknesses of each goal.

Vision: the participants agree on the intervention plan to reduce weaknesses and achieve individual and team objectives.

Tool: an assisted path where – thanks to Shape®'s conceptual and graphics potential - theoretical knowledge and operational tools are debated, selected, and customised.

Change: to be effective, these strategies and tools must be implemented in an organised and responsible manner. This phase aims to encourage full accountability and mutual reinforcement within the group.


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Shape® is a Fastforward product distributed by VisionMind®